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Extrusions Industrial

Wefco has a very diverse selection of shapes to choose from. With over 8,000 in-house shapes, we are confident that we will have what you are looking for.

In many cases we can tool up on a new job in 1-2 weeks. In other cases it is still only 3 weeks. We can also do small run jobs in a short time. We believe we have the quickest turn around time in the business.



Half Rounds




Solid Bumpers


Tubing & Cord

U-Channels Profiles

Materials offered:
Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM)

EPDM elastomers are comparable to natural rubber, but offer a price advantage. They provide outstanding age resistance through a combination of excellent ozone and sunlight resistance and good resistance to heat, oxygen and low temperatures.

Color: Black and Gray
Durometer Range: 65-80

Use: Auto parts, electrical insulation, dust covers, weather stripping and conveyor belts.

Neoprene is tough and provides good resistance to oil, oxygen, ozone, heat, flame and weather. It withstands flucuations in temperature, but is poor at consistent low temperatures.

Color: Black.
Durometer Range: 70-85

Use: Petroleum and chemical tank linings, automotive gaskets and seals, molded parts, footwear and weatherstripping.

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