Extrusions Marine  Dock Bumpers

Wefco Dock Bumpers provide outstanding protection for small vessels, docks, loading docks, trucks and other equipment. Designed for easy attachment. D-shaped bumpers mount by drilling a through hole across the base. Wing shape bumpers eliminate the need for mounting holes on the facing. Simply drill and bolt fender to structure using the integral wings.

MATERIAL: Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM)
EPDM elastomers are comparable to natural rubber, but offer a price advantage. They provide outstanding age resistance through a combination of excellent ozone and sunlight resistance and good resistance to heat, oxygen and low temperatures.

Color: Black and Gray. (Custom color matching upon request)
Durometer Range: 65-80

Dock Bumper - 90 Degree

Dock Bumper - D-Shape

Dock Bumper - Wing Shape

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